Puppy Kindergarten

Finally, a class for the puppies!

Our interest in offering a class such as this has resulted from our own observations and concerns over what owners of these new balls of fur and teeth experience. There are a multitude of questions and concerns, and we want to help you with this big endeavor.

This 6-week course will cover:

  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Early training
  • Grooming
  • Massage therapy
  • Discipline
  • Socialization

The best part of the class? Puppies attend! This little bundle needs to continue to have both people and animal socialization in order to become a “well-rounded” animal that you are proud of…both at home and in public.

If interested, please register now as class size is limited.

Still not convinced?

A few quotes from some happy graduates:

“Class is informative and fun. A great socialization tool. Angie shows great interest in each pup and has a knack for showing we, the owners, that we can be in control of this little bundle of energy.”“Lots of one-on-one and question and answer time to help you and your puppy learn. My puppy loves class!”“If you don’t learn anything it’s your own fault. The information is excel- lent and time spent is worth the effort. My pup likes me and I like him.”

Class schedule

  • Coming Spring 2016