Puppy Grade School

This class will take you and your puppy one step closer to having a mutual understanding of each other. It will help you define the goals you need to develop your puppy into the disciplined and loved adult dog you can enjoy.

In this class, you’ll create a list of puppy household rules, learn the importance of leadership, and discover training games you and your puppy can share to make learning fun. This is not the standard obedience class, which requires more discipline than your puppy is ready for.

The class is a “pre” obedience class that is one step above the puppy kindergarten, socialization class for young puppies that have short attention spans, yet not as advanced as the traditional obedience class for older puppies and young dogs who have a greater attention span and more self-control and discipline. Now that your puppy is a little older, his attention span has expanded. He’s ready for some new adventures that require the two of you to begin working as a team.